Truffle Frites

grana padano, herbs, truffle oil, bacon aioli


Warm Marinated Olives

House mixture of smoked olives, spices, cofit garlic, olive oil, sherry, orange


Sunwing Tomato Salad

 Fresh Marinated Sunwing Tomatoes, Pickled Radish, Marinated Bocconcini, Basil Pearls, Thyme & Oregano Honey, Fresh Basil.


Little Jumbo Burger

Beer mustard, confit tomato BBQ sauce, smoked cheddar, bacon aioli. Served with truffle frites


Steak and Frites

Flat Iron steak, wild mushrooms, Demi-glace, truffle frites, bacon aioli.


Add St.Agur blue cheese

St.agur blue cheese wedge great to add to steak n frites 


Pan Seared Halibut

Asparagus, preserved lemon, smoked sunchoke puree, pearl couscous


Trio of chocolate truffles

House made milk chocolate truffles, cinnamon chilli, smoked pistachio, sesame, orange gel, espresso syrup, miso caramel. 


Picnic tote

Picnic tote filled with all the goodies you need for a lovely picnic. Each tote includes a selection of rotating meats and cheeses as well as duck parfait capped with duck Demi-glace , house made baguette, marinated olives, house made tapenade, beer mustard, house made pickles, pickled red onion jam.

Current meats are: Lemon fennel salami, duck prosciutto, chorizo salami, duck noisette.

Current cheeses are: taleggio, manchego, St.Agur, marinated bocconchini.
IMPORTANT-Please allow our staff 1.5 hours to accommodate this request,  feel free to call (778-433-5535) and we will let you know if we are able to have the picnic tote ready for you sooner.

All picnic totes come with a canvas little jumbo tote bag for you to keep.

Consider adding a bottle of wine or cocktail kit from our takeout selection.


Little Jumbo Burger Duo plus two Tall Boy Beer

Beer mustard, confit tomato BBQ sauce, smoked cheddar, truffle frites, bacon aioli. With 2 24 oz Tall Boy beers.

Beet Ketchup-250ml jar

In house made Beet Ketchup. Beets cooked down with sugar, spices and chilies. Sweet, tangy and spicy perfect pairing for your upcoming bbq.  (Contains garlic)


Ginger Mustard-250ml jar

In house made Ginger Mustard. Whole grain mustard flavoured with fresh ginger. Nice and light not to overwhelming and slightly bitter. 


Poppyseed Chili Honey Mustard-250ml jar

In house made Poppyseed Chili Honey Mustard.  Whole grain mustard flavoured with poppyseeds, chilies and honey. 


Kimchi-250ml jar

A blast from Little Jumbo’s past, Our in house made Kimchi is now available to take home to be enjoyed.



Pickled Asparagus-250ml jar

In house made pickles. Asparagus, Chilis and Onions. Salty, sweet and slightly spicy.


Pickled Daikon-250ml jar

In house made pickles. Sweet salty Daikon Radish. 


Pickled Red Onion Jam-250ml jar

In house made Onion Jam. Pickled Red Onions slowly cooked down into jam. Sweet and savoury. Perfect for sandwiches or and nice side with cheese.


Pickled Red Onion Jelly-250ml jar

In house made pickled Red Onion Jelly. This sweet and savoury spread is perfect to pair with charcuterie and cheeses. 


Pickled Pineapple Chili Chutney-250ml jar

In house made chutney. Grilled pineapple and Fresno chilies. Sweet and spicy give the right kick when you need it.


Beet Cappelletti 6oz

In house Beet Cappelletti stuffed with house made ricotta. (Frozen)


Gnocchi 4 oz bag

 In House Made Gnocchi (Frozen)


Duck Demi Glacé-250ml

In house made Duck Demi glacé  (Frozen)


Parmesan Stock-250ml

In House made Parmesan Stock (Frozen) 


Laphroaig Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream 500ml

In house churned  Little Jumbo ice cream!

Flavoured with Laphroaig Scotch Whisky and chunks of chocolate. 


Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream 500ml

In house churned Little Jumbo Ice Cream!

Freshly popped popcorn flavours this cool treat along with salted caramel throughout.


Lavender Lychee Sorbet

In house made sorbet. Lavender and Lychee flavour this floral and refreshing treat. Dairy free, Gluten free and vegan friendly.


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