Picnic tote

Picnic tote

Picnic tote filled with all the goodies you need for a lovely picnic. Each tote includes a selection of rotating meats and cheeses as well as duck parfait capped with duck Demi-glace , house made baguette, marinated olives, house made tapenade, beer mustard, house made pickles, vierge.

Current meats are: Lemon fennel salami, duck prosciutto, chorizo salami, duck noisette.

Current cheeses are: taleggio, manchego, St.Agur, marinated bocconchini.
IMPORTANT-Please allow our staff 1.5 hours to accommodate this request,  feel free to call (778-433-5535) and we will let you know if we are able to have the picnic tote ready for you sooner.

All picnic totes come with a canvas little jumbo tote bag for you to keep.

Consider adding a bottle of wine or cocktail kit from our takeout selection.

$85.00 ea.